Review Policy

We love reviewing books and hearing from authors, publishers, and publicists. Please feel free to contact us with books you would like us to review.

What will we review?

We will review almost anything. I don’t review erotica, textbooks, steamy sex scenes, or anything with excessive profanity, but I am open to reviewing almost anything else. A lot of our blog readers are teens, so please keep that in mind. We read all types of books. A list of reviewers is listed below. Please scroll down to learn the types of books each reader enjoys to see who your review may fit with best. If we receive a book we think someone else may enjoy, we often send it to them. 

What should you expect if we review your book?

We get a lot of requests. Far more than the three of us can keep up with. There may be a few months until we’re able to review your book. We have a large TBR pile, but we can be flexible if you have a deadline or book tour. If you need it reviewed by a certain date then we will consider it. If there is any criticism to be had, we will try to make it as constructive as possible.
This is important – sometimes we begin reading a book, but realize it’s not for us and just can’t continue (DNF – Did Not Finish). We will not give it a starred review but will spotlight it on the blog and leave comments on the part read.

Where do we post reviews?

We post reviews on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, and Amazon. If you have somewhere special you would like us to post a review then we will consider it.

I love it when authors want to guest post, participate in interviews, offer giveaways, or anything else your creative mind comes up with. I will also supply links to the preferred location to buy a book or to authors’ blogs/websites if desired.

Also, we have some teen reviewers (scroll down to meet them. They rotate depending on school schedule so each month/week there may be different ones listed). If you’d prefer one of them to review your book, they will consider it. Be patient with them, because they are also in school and their parents feel that is more important (for obvious reasons). They often review books they are already having to read for class. To send in a request for one of them, send it to Lin and specify you’d like one of the teens to review it. Lin will get back to you if one of them decides to review your book or interview you.


I prefer paperback, but will accept mobi (Kindle) as well. I will supply the mailing address when needed. 

All the content on this blog is my own, but you are welcome to post our reviews in other locations as well as long as you link back to the site. I would also appreciate an e-mail letting me know where you posted our review, but that is not required.
If we sound like people you’d like to have review your book, then please go ahead and send us an email.

E-mail for the teens: or click on the “Contact” tab above.

If you are interested in finding more reviewers for indie authors, be sure to check out

Meet the Reviewers!

Lin: I’m the owner of the website, but I have a few others (the teen(s), Kami, and once in a while my hubby) helping. I often get so many that I just can’t keep up. I’m a homeschooling mom, so I like to allow homeschool students to participate on the blog.

I am the one you will communicate with when emailing and I will be reviewing the majority of the books.

I read everything from juvenile fiction to adult, fantasy to non-fiction. My favorites are fantasy and historical fiction. I’m also often asked if I’ll read LGBTQIA+. The answer is YES. I accept mobi and paperback, but paperbacks get priority. If you are interested in submitting your book for me to review, then please read my review policy (above). Many authors and publicists ask me when I’m getting to their book. My Instagram page is the best place to keep track of where I am. The reviews come out later, once I’ve had a chance to sit down with them. But I post what I’m reading and my monthly TBRs and stuff like that over there.

Below are other reviewers you should check out. Sometimes we have guest teens show up for “Teen Tuesday“. This is when one of their reviews is posted on my blog. If you’d like to communicate with them or request one of them to review your book, please communicate through me. Remember, just because you request it, does not mean they will be able to review it. They are working on high school work, too.

Contact: or click on the Contact tab.


Kami may not be a teen anymore, but her love of YA hasn’t faded in her early adulthood. She is a mom to three small children and a nursing student, so you may be wondering how in the world she has time to read, but the inventions of the audiobook and the very portable e-reader have become her best friends. She is a sucker for love stories and at least 75% of her bookshelves are contemporary fiction and chick-lit, but her first true literary love was Harry Potter, leaving her with a soft spot for chosen ones and magic. 

When she’s not reading for herself she can usually be found with a toddler in her lap reading the same picture book for the 50th time or brushing up her embroidery skills while watching medical dramas on TV. 

Kami is unable to accept any new review requests at this time.

Contact: She also has a Bookstagram account on Instagram, so be sure to check her out there as well. Who knows, your book may appear there soon. 🙂

Collin is the perfect addition to the team because he constantly reads. He reads more than any kid I know his age. He sits around reading all day (except when parents make him do other things). When doing chores, he puts headphones on and listens to a book.

He loves dystopian, fantasy, survival, and sci-fi. His favorite books of all time (he couldn’t decide between two) are Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card and Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. He is a science nerd, runner, obsessed with plants, and is a black belt in TaeKwonDo. He also loves reptiles – snakes, of course, being his favorite. He currently has a ball python and is working towards getting another snake. He wants a reticulated python, but this momma says NO! Those are way too big. 🙂

Contact: via Lin